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My 1st Spiritual Mindfulness Walk of 2020 xx 

All welcome..Mindfulness Walk along Tynemouth Beach, Tyne & Wear

Sunday 5th January 2020 - 8am

Meet outside View Restaurant, bottom of the bank.

I like to openingly talk about Mental Health & how important it is to talk through any issues or problems, which is causing you worry & stress in your life. Talking about your problems or thoughts that is upsetting or distracting you from everyday life is SO important. This is why I have set up these walking events, to help you break away for an hour or so from our busy lives to help you find a bit peace & calm, whilst being out and about with nature. If you want to talk about anything no matter how trivial it may sound to you this walk will be perfect. I like to offer non judgemental advice with my own spiritual beliefs.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Sending you lots of love Lyndsey Xx


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