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To Be or Not to Be,that is the Question..20.2.21

To be or not to be that is the question, but not to be what exactly? What are you running away from? To be from what life exactly?...Are you running away from life or are you trying to escape reality or are you just trying to find yourself amongst a sea full of people with all different opinions and beliefs.

To be what you want to be is a journey for you to begin, what you don't want to be is afraid of exactly what you are trying to change… so the question is what are you afraid of? Or are you afraid of what will happen when you see that your answer is correct? The answer to this will never be the same for everyone, the thoughts and opinions of others will always differ on their own outlook. So you see to be or not to be… dares you to become something....someone who will change the views of what people want to become or evolve too. Time is of the essence very much in life, life is short and sweet, and what you make of it always lands back towards you.

Look to the future with a bright glow ahead and wish upon the stars to help guide you the way. Wondering 'what if' only makes your life harder, life isn't a bed of roses, never is and never will be but it is what you put into it that makes it special and count. Love is all around if you look for it in the right places, unconditional love from so many will bring big comfort to you. Act upon this love with glee and work out why this makes you smile.

So to be or not to be that is the question right now, to be something you need to work on what you want to be, not expecting to be.

Love Lyndsey x


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