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Just a down to earth Geordie girl living a very spiritual life.......

Spiritually Awakened back in February 2018 by 'Spirit Writing', it all began with a 'Love you Lyndsey' beautifully written by Spirit on a piece of paper. 











​I was Spiritually Awakened for a reason, to help spread love, kindness, positivity and to help as many people as I can.  I have the beautiful gifts of being able to hear the Spirit World, Automatic Write/Type with spirit, sense, feel & understand when spiritual energy is around me. 

I have studied many courses & my proudest achievement was my 'Spiritual Counselling Diploma', I've also done training courses on 'Spiritual Life Coach' & 'Intuitive Healing'... but I won’t stop there, I love learning, reading, watching about anything spiritual which will enhance my own well-being & spiritual awareness.

I have been lucky to capture on video & take wonderful pictures of spirit orbs, which I find absolutely amazing!! I'm a massive fan of energy, I love to read peoples energies, & I'm able to channel wonderful energy from a higher dimension to give people healing. 

​It is true we really are spiritual beings having a physical experience, I love to share my gift with other people, as death itself is something not to be frightened about, we are merely going 'home' to our spiritual life back in the Spirit World. 

​Remember everything happens for a reason in life.

Lyndsey x

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