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Birthday Reflections... 26.08.21

Today’s my birthday.. 39 years of age! I can’t help thinking if I can combine all my past lives what my actual age would be today...I could be ancient! But in this lifetime I’m nearly 40. Nearing to 40 doesn’t bother me at all, as I see age as just a number, it’s your physical body that gets older and starts to slow down if you let it. Your soul never ages, it only grows spiritually from your life experiences and what spiritual growth you have learnt etc here in this earthly life.

I started a new course today ‘Emotional Freedom, Spiritual Core’, it’s just a short online course, but it’s interesting. I’m always interested to hear different opinions when it comes to all things spiritual especially on personal development. I won’t remember everything what the man is talking about on the videos, but I'll listen with intent, I’m taking some notes and will try to understand his points of views. My emotions, thoughts and feelings for me is a massive part of who I am. Two days are never the same for me, my way of thinking always has me questioning everything about my soul being. If I say something, I question why I have said that, and if I know I have said something which doesn’t feel right, I break it down into little sections in my head and try and figure out a new way of thinking about the situation. This has been an ongoing thing since my spiritual awakening, I question myself everything every day. I always try to make good choices in life, and it’s rare that the bad ones creep in, but when they do then I would sit and think about why that choice was made. I listen to people more intently now, I wouldn’t say I analyse their every word, but if I don’t agree with a certain matter, I don’t pretend (my face gives me away!), I just don’t say anything that would fuel the situation further, or I would put my point of view across.. but everyone has freewill to there own opinions on anything. I like to have constructive talks and if spiritual things gets mentions, then I’m certainly all ears! I love nothing more than to talk about all things spiritual, this is why I like writing these blogs because they are spiritual to me. I like to think I lead a very spiritual life now, so hence why all my experiences are now full of spiritual experiences, my beliefs and knowledge are expanding. I am continually learning and developing my own self being. It’s took to the age of 37 to have my eyes opened, and I’m excited to learn more.

Love Lyndsey x


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