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What's this Journaling all about?!?....6.11.21

Lets start at the beginning a very good place to start (words I've just heard from my spirit guides themselves!)…. Journaling... so what’s this journaling all about?!? Is it something to do with expressing your own wishes and desires in a book or on a piece of paper, just to get everything out all in the open so you don’t feel bogged down by your daily thoughts and emotions? Is it a wishlist of everything you want to see happen in your life, working towards maybe one day making it a reality? These journals are your own thoughts and emotions.. but for some reason journaling has me super interested, but what exactly is it?!? Upon googling on the web journaling is actually writing, typing or even saying out loud your thoughts for that moment in time.. setting yourself life goals to work towards for your own mental wellbeing. So in other words its a sort of diary telling yourself also to stay positive and to try to live a mindful life. It’s about you & how you deeply feel in that moment in time, or at the end of the day. Certainly, each day in my life is different, so my journals would be all over the place, but journaling is more about setting life goals for yourself, and seeing how you can achieve them. By adding little ‘to do lists’ to your daily journal, could help you achieve what you want out of life. Right now my journal would read a little like… nothing is permanent, take baby steps today, set some life goals on what your passions are, be a little more happy, don’t let negative people get to you.... it certainly could go on! My daily life journal would certainly be an interesting read, the daily activities I talk or discuss with my spirit guides would have you laughing in no time… but then again EVERY happens for a reason in life, and maybe me doing this little blog today is there way to say…. let’s start a daily journal Lyndsey… it’s certainly got me thinking. I love typing, writing blogs, expressing my thoughts feelings and emotions, but especially to know I’m not alone in this spiritual life I very much have. I’m always looking for ways to better myself, maybe it’s my ‘Virgo’ trait, I certainly don’t mind being alone with my thoughts, and having a bit freedom and quiet time is my absolute bliss!!

So a daily journal of my life…. sounds quite fun, typing out what I feel and where I want to be might actually help me in my current life situation. I’m sure I will get some benefit out of it with regards to my own mental health, off loading my mind might actually work right now. My head has been spinning in limbo land for some time now, time to get thinking of the future, and makes some spiritual life plans!

Lots of love.



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