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Spiritual Life Coach...26.1.19

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

What an amazing soul searching few days I've had... my next spiritual adventure I've been guided to learn is a course on how to be a 'Spiritual Life Coach', I honestly can't wait to get started.....💕

Today I purchased an 'Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma' course online. Over the past few days I've been feeling deeply more connected with my Spirit Guides.. & all I've been thinking is that I want to help people with whatever life issues they maybe going through on a spiritual level. This course will teach me how to help you be the best person you want to be (spiritually).

There is many reasons people go and see a 'Life Coach', but a 'Spiritual Life Coach' is different as the problems the person wishes to seek, all the answers will have a deeper meaning in their life. For people prioritising spiritually as there main goal in their life. here are some goals which maybe relevant to why a person will want to see a 'Spiritual Life Coach':

  • Learn how to uplift others or counsel them spiritually

  • Heal past childhood experiences & wounds with spiritual love

  • Become one with the universe

  • To understand their own spiritual matters & journey

Check out this link for future Life Coach Training Sessions -

This course will not only benefit the people who would like to come & see me, but will also help me with my spiritual journey too. I can't wait to start helping people learn about their spiritual side... let the learning commence!

Sending lots of love & light.

Lyndsey x


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