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Spirit Writing....19.12.21

Swans are white like the moon, they shine brightly they always do. Transfix this moment in time to transcend it across the universe for all to hear for all to see and for you to believe in this. Magic is all around if you only know where to look, magic can bring greatness when used well, magic is for people who know what magical powers it can help people with. The moon is magic and so are you, use the moon to power your abilities to make them stronger but most importantly learn to use them. Look to the left, look to the right, head up and move forward. Study what is around you and learn from everything. Lessons are to be learnt and you know what to do. Teach yourself, learn to self care more and to use your powers to how they should be used. Don’t underestimate your abilities of self awareness. The skies are filed with great hope but with sadness also, love yourself dearly so no one can hurt you, trust wisely but don’t hold grudges easily.

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