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Spirit Writing... 26.12.21

Sounds from heaven, sounds from below, what is the sounds for?? Sounding merry, sounding bright, just what can you hear tonight? Softly spoken words of encouragement and upliftment can be heard for those who can listen well enough to hear. Light and only light can make you the person you need to be, a little sprinkle of darkness but not too much will balance yourself nicely. Always look for the light, do good things in life and don’t let others tell you, you cant do things,.. they are not you. Only you know your self-worth, encourage others to do the same, look for help and support in all the right places. Never let your face slip for anyone, hold your head up high and reach for the stars. Wondering, waiting… just what is all this for. Lying in wait not sure what to do but linger on and wait in despair as to what you should do.

Don’t hold back on getting what you want in life, don’t hold yourself back, your beliefs your truths, your understandings and knowledge of what you have learnt. Your experience is vital for people to understand the truths in all life purposes. Life is rare, spend it wisely and with the right people who make us laugh. Life is tough, but so are you. Focus on the good in your life and that will always outweigh the should a could haves. xx


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