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Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Sarah is my Guardian Angel & also my Spirit Guide. She is a wonderful light energy source who helps me daily in life to make the right life choices for my soul mission here in the physical world... Earth.

Sarah has guided me throughout my life... I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for 11 months now... Sarah is currently helping me develop Mediumship to be able to hear clearly (Clairauidence). I am currently trying to fine tune my ability to be able to receive messages from Sarah & my Spirit Team.

Sarah & my Spirit Team test me on a daily basis with loving messages from the Spirit World, but I'm still unsure as too who the message maybe for. Could it be for me? The person I'm currently with, or maybe something to take note on for future reference? These messages especially names are all a little confusing to me at the moment, but with patience & love, I'm learning daily how to deal with all information I receive through my thoughts & hearing.

With daily love & support I receive from Sarah & my Spirit Team, they are helping me develop into the person I am meant to be....& on that note I'm forever grateful for being wonderfully loved & supported from another World... Thank you xx

Sending lots of love & light.

Lyndsey x


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