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Lovely Beach Walk with Spirit 10.11.18

What a lovely walk I had with spirit down on the beach today in the North East of England. The sun was shining, but still wrapped up warm, we had a great time walking down on by the rock pools, climbing through caves and collecting various bits and bobs... mainly shells and old fishing hooks! We also helped collect some bits of metal and rubbish, which had been washed up on the beach, I like to make sure the environment is being looked after and I dispose this sort of rubbish in a bin.. I would hate to think any wildlife could be harmed by such metal floating around in the sea.

Along the way I found two beautiful feathers, one white one from my Angels and another black/grey one from my family in spirit. These feathers are always little signs from the spirit world, it's lovely to know they are always supporting us along the way... and enjoying the fresh air also!

As you can see in the slideshow below, we walked in a lovely little cave, which had various size rock pools in. My favourite photo on our walk is the main picture above, it's what I like to call 'Spirit in the sky', you can clearly see the spirit orb next to the sun... absolutely magical!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sending you lots of love and light.

Lyndsey x


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