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How Can My Spiritual Counselling Help You?...10.11.20

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

How can my Spiritual Counselling help you? & What is my Spiritual Counselling all about?

My Spiritual Counselling sessions will contain a mixture of counselling, empowerment, & positivity.

As a very spiritual person myself, I have been guided on my own spiritual journey to help and guide people with their very own spiritual journeys. In life we will deal with many physical and emotional challenges, your childhood may not of been the best and from this you may still hold onto many emotional ties from when you were younger. You may have anxiety and is now fearful of being in certain situations. You could be feeling depressed for no reason, you maybe struggling with grief, and not sure how you can overcome the feeling of a certain loved not being around you in a physical way or you could just generally be feeling lost in life, feeling like your at crossroads with your decisions and don't know which way to turn.

Please know that whatever you've been through or currently going through, it's been put in your life for a reason. It's how we deal with our emotions and feelings, making sure your spiritual self is being re-healed at the same time. Healing is a big part of our life, we need to heal to be able to bring clarity back to our spiritual selves.

Talking is so important to heal, by opening up you will not realise how much it help you, you have opened the doors to allow the healing to take place. My sessions will allow you to openingly talk and discuss all problems you think is stopping you from living a happy spiritual life. Being spiritual doesn't mean that you have to believe in a God, to follow a religion, believe there is an after life etc.. being spiritual is uniquely personal to everyone., it is having a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Everyone is on their very own spiritual journeys, I like to see myself as a 'Spiritual Lightworker' just helping you to shine your own little light again....which may have slightly been dimmed along the way. I love to empower people, helping people view their mindsets differently. Life really isn't always a bed of roses all the time, and that it's okay not to be okay. People may often look at life and think that they always need to be happy, as a soul in a physical body, that will never be the case, life is full of ups and downs, this is why we have been put here on earth, to experience of these life challenges and emotions. It's how we get back up from a certain situation that may have knocked us down on our path in the first place.

My sessions are unique to everyone, not only am I helping the client from my own knowledge and beliefs, but I'm also being guided by my own Spirit Guides & Angels, who will join us to help bring you spiritual love and healing.

If you feel by talking with myself will help benefit you in your own life right now, please do get in contact. Please email -


Lyndsey x


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