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Channeled Writing about 'Love'.... 21.06.20

Love will always overcome all evil, love is what we are made of and what we are. Hatred and evil are the worlds most powerful negative force which sadly we live amongst. What we don’t understand is how people can be evil to good people and that is why love is so important to make people aware that its true. Spirits will always show us love and give it to us when we most need it, the power of love and the ability to project that amongst people is vital for spirits to survive your earthly life. Whilst we are here on earth the most important tool we can show is love and compassion to others. Understanding why we talk about this so much will help you indefinitely overcome the evil that we live amongst. The evil will always be outweighed by love, the knowledge of why we come here to experience this is vital for our soul to progress. Open your hearts and mind and spread kindness and love to all around you, please take the time to speak to all you love here on earth for you will understand how we all connect on this side of life. Thank you for listening to us, we wish you peace, harmony kindness in all that you do. Love the spirit world. xx


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