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*VIDEO* Talking about Light Orbs... 17.07.20

I love capturing spirit orb footage on my mobile phone most nights in my conservatory. I have done this for over a year now, & love to see what spiritual energy I can see & sense. This video is two rolled into one, as you can see from my eyes I can follow the beautiful & brightly coloured spirit energy around the room. On this occasion the spirit orb was directing me to my two light fittings in the room, they may be been done for two reasons... firstly.. Spirit wanted me to turn the lights on.. & when I did I sensed & captured a lot more spiritual activity around me. & secondly... spirit was telling me I can see them more clearly when I look at a bright light & blink away, this allows the energy to store up in my eyes, I then focus on a wall to see the brightly coloured orb moving around.

I really enjoy taking these videos & I'm hoping in the future at various places I visit, I can capture more spiritual activity...not just in my back room!


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