My Angelic Services

"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say."

Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Energy Readings


In person or Video Call

45 mins Reading

As I'm currently developing my Psychic Energy links & Mediumship with my own Spirit Guides, I am offering  a FREE 45 minute reading for anyone who would like to help me practice & develop my own spiritual gifts.

I'm developing my own intuition when working with the Spirit World, I am able to hear my loving Spirit Guides advising me what to say to the sitter, they are messages of love & healing,.  We will talk about topics that Spirit are wanting to discuss, in return this will help you to be more open & maybe talk about your current emotions & feelings.  I'm also able to sense when Spirit are around me, therefore if any of your loved ones in the Spirit World are wanting to communicate a message through myself I will always try to help bring them through.  

My practice readings haven't all been about trying to make a link with people who have passed over...I've learnt I've got many spiritual tools in my box which will help you to learn & understand more about yourself by using my own spiritual healing energy.  My own intuition & understandings come a lot into play, & I believe my Spirit Guides are wanting me to learn & practice doing these readings, to help as many people as I can with your own personal well-being 

If you are looking for any spiritual guidance in your life right now, & feel talking to myself would help, please do get in touch via email.  I am being guided by Spirit, & what we will talk about will just be what you need to hear that day.

Tea & cake provided (in person only)

*Please note:  I can't guarantee the reading will include any 'Mediumship',  I don't know until the reading if any spirit will communicate with a message.  Therefore I can't guarantee the person you have in mind will come through.*

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