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Wow a Finalist!! ... 21.12.20

I received a lovely email from 'Centre for Excellence' today congratulating myself on becoming a Finalist for an award....

We are thrilled to announce that your entry has been chosen as one of our finalists. A HUGE well done on getting this far, as there were so many entries to choose from. You should be very proud of yourself!

I have studied many courses through Centre for Excellence, the courses & training are all really friendly and easy to follow. They offer step by step information and knowledge on your chosen course, & breaks each topic down in modules so you can learn & understand them a lot clearer and better. They don't overload you with going massively too deep into each subject, and this is why I have chosen them time & time again.

The 2 main courses I have learnt and studied with the Centre of Excellence are:


Intuitive Healing Diploma', & 'Spiritual Life Coach'.

These two courses have massively changed my outlook.. & have changed my life! Studying these courses have helped me with my own spiritual growth with regards to my own spiritual journey. & purpose here on Earth I have learnt so much & have put what I have learnt & believe in towards my everyday spiritual practices with people who have come to me looking for their spiritual guidance.

Even if I don't go any further in the final, this has inspired me even more to be the best person I would like to be with my own spiritual path in life. It has encouraged me that I can help and teach people about themselves, give them guidance, support & understanding about anything spiritual.

Wishing all the other Finalists of these awards a massive good luck, you've all done amazing to get far! Thank you again to the Centre for Excellence for considering me as a Finalist!

Love Lyndsey x

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