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*VIDEO* Spirit Orbs, The Feathers Hotel, Helmsley

So last night I stayed in a beautiful hotel called The Feathers Hotel, Helmsley (fab name!). From the moment I walked in the atmosphere was so welcoming & I can tell that the place had a lovely warm vibrant energy about it.

At night I took some Spirit Orb footage, I've added 2 copies of the same footage in the video attached. This morning I did a little video of what I could hear, I've quickly drawn in a circle for you to see an orb coming in view..which I nearly missed when talking about an apple tree. I'm not sure what energy links I was picking up, some psychic some spiritual, but I got a lot of names & other bits. When I nod, smile etc that's me communicating with my Spirit Guides, I allow them to do this..also please excuse my blinky eyes, I see Spirit Light moving more then!!

Overall my experience was wonderful, I could feel spirit on my arms, legs & face majority of the whole time I was in the hotel. Roll on my next stay over! Xx


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