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The Learning Curves of my Spiritual Journey... 24.07.20

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

"Have a bit faith and you'll be fine. Don’t give up xx"

The above line is what my lovely Spirit Guides told me after I had done a practice reading with a very nice lady today. You see I'm learning, I'm putting myself out there to learn how to work with the Spirit World to the best of my ability, my understandings & beliefs.

I've learnt my first BIG lesson today that until I can fully understand who I have linked with in the spirit world....I can't go looking & guessing. I went into my practice session thinking it was all going to be about people who she knows who have passed on..... I found it difficult to try & link with someone, stupidly throwing out all kinds of names, I didn't really feel a strong spirit present with me... & I was getting myself all frustrated & angry with myself for not being able to bring someone through! This lead to me going into my psychic link, where I was using my own intuition with her energy to pick up on things I could help her with. This felt more comfortable with me, I could still hear my guides giving me information.... but it was my own guides, not any loved ones in spirit. I talked & helped using my own 'Spiritual Counselling' knowledge & experience, & the session turned out to be a great healing reading. Not for lack of trying I was still trying to pick up on a strong energy link, where I may have found it easier in the past, but I wasn't having much luck today!

In the meantime, I'll keep trying, I know I'm also a healer too, so maybe my healing was needed more than my mediumship today.

Lots of love & Light.

Lyndsey xx


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