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The Good & the Bad..... 30.7.19

Everyone has good and bad thoughts; we are all born with these traits! Having these different thoughts will stay with us for the rest of our lives, it’s how we go about dealing with the immense pressures of daily life, should we then start to put these bad & good thoughts into focus. We can all have bad thoughts from the moment we wake up till the moment we go to bed… we worry a lot this is what us humans do, but what makes those bad thoughts go away to be replaced with good ones?

This is a really good question I continue to learn myself everyday… before I was awakened, I worried a lot, I worried about people talking behind my back, I worried that people would take things I would say the wrong way.  I wasn't a sad person, I just didn't focus on the good things in my life.  Looking back now peoples energies affected me a lot & with that from time to time I would say I was sad because of this.  Each day now when I wake up, if I’ve had a dream about something happy, I smile, but if the dream was about something I didn’t quite understand or if it was sad, I tend to ponder for a moment and ask myself… I wonder what that meant & move on. But I don’t go looking automatically for something bad to think of to start my day off.  Each morning before getting out of bed I now always say “Thank you”... grateful for another day here on earth, I then say my protection prayer:

“Dear Angels & Spirit Guides, please surround me and family with the divine white light, help shield all our energies from all negative influences, help to keep our energy pure, clean and with high frequency. Thank you”

Without fail every morning, I say this prayer, I know now I need to help protect my energy from other people's negative energies, which I may come into contact that day. Then my daily life begins, since being awakened my thoughts & thinking how changed,  I don’t go looking for bad thoughts to think of or think anything bad of people. I now never judge people, not that I did much before, but I know in life now we are all equal, everyone has a different background & story to tell. I always try to keep my energy aura a happy & positive one. But life doesn’t always work like that, I have taken steps to protect myself with the loving help from my Angels & Spirit Guides, but that bubble of protection doesn’t shield me from people's behaviours or sad/nasty things they may be talking about….. You see you can’t change the way people are, people need to change for themselves, there way of thinking, attitude and behaviour is down to them. Everyone is born with freewill, God has given you freewill for a reason, everyone decides in life what they do, whether that be a good decision or bad decision, it’s you that makes those choices. When you were young, whatever childhood you may have had, your parents/carers would of made these decisions for you in life, but as you grow to be an adult and understand life a bit more… this is when YOUR responsible for your own life decision choices. When we do something wrong, people may choose to blame others for their wrong choices, but ultimately, it’s the person who made those decisions in the first place that are in the wrong.

In life we all have decisions to make, and with that the thought process of good or bad thinking kicks in.  Will that decision be a good one or a bad one.? Only you will know truly what’s the right choice, if you think negatively & have a very weak bad outlook on your life, you will find you will surround yourself with negative influences, and with bad thoughts if you don’t change, you will continue to live like that.  If you are positive, have a good outlook on life and is surrounded by types of people that only want the best for you, then only good things will come to you, as that is what you will attract in life.

In other words you are constantly in a battle with yourself, life is hard, your mental state of thinking is hard especially when things happen that are out of your control, it’s how you bounce back from sad or bad things to make your life a good happy positive one again.

If you find yourself thinking a negative thought or decision…. Ask yourself why I am thinking like this? What am I going to achieve? If you know deep down that decision is wrong, think of the consequences of this.  Then ……. SWITCH REVERSE that thought process, & think why am I thinking like that? What am I achieving out of this negative thought?  TURN that little negative thought into a positive one & see how things will change. It’s all about changing your mindset, remember if you think negatively you will stay in a negative mindset & you may find things will pass you by, your not embracing life the best way you should... but if you do start to look on the bright side of life, I promise it’s a good one & good things will come to you!

I hope this little bit of information has helped someone is someway.

Sending you lots of love.

Lyndsey x


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