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My Very Own Spiritual YouTube Channel....29.10.19

As you already know from various posts on Facebook & my website I love taking videos & pictures of spirit activity. I've now set up a YouTube Channel, where I can post all of my spirit videos too,

You can subscribe to my channel here......

I really enjoy taking video footage of spirit, it's a lovely comforting knowing that we all have spirit around us, I feel very lucky to be able to capture & show you the many different types of spirit energy there is. Spirit energy comes in all shapes & colours. The activity I've been able to video this week have all been very different. Blue circling energy, white orb flying through my window & a beautiful multi-coloured string of energy in another video.. you can see me & my spirit orbs in the videos below.

Here's a video/blog style video I took last night, as you can see throughout this video many white orbs can be seen behind & in front of me.

I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I do.

Love Lyndsey x


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