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My Spiritual Awakening.....13.11.18

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Thursday 8th February 2018.... the night I was Spiritual Awakened by my Guardian Angel Sarah & Spirit Guides. I have always been able to sense spirit around me but I never was able to receive messages or communicate with the spirit.

I regularly attend Spiritual Churches at the weekends in the hope to receive any messages from my grandparents. Spiritual churches have always been somewhere I can go and sit down and feel comfortable in my surroundings. They have such a calming effect on me when I first walk in, I love all the songs we sing & the service itself with the medium talking about a life philosophy before they begin their communication with spirit is always amazing. The atmosphere is always so loving and vibrant, and when mediums do come to me with messages my heart beats really fast when I know it's was a family member.

Fast forward a few months.... meditating in my kitchen, candles burning, nice soft music playing, I could feel spirit around me... but was starting to get frustrated as I couldn't hear or see anything in my mind, I picked up a piece of paper and a pen and decided to see if any spirit would communicate with myself through this way........after a few attempts of a shaky pen, my arm was gently guided into writing..

Love You Lyndsey

'Love You' was written out first then my hand lifted and 'Lyndsey' was written above. Well can you imagine the look that may of been present on my face at the time of this happening! My heart again was beating so fast I didn't know what to do.. I quickly wrote thank you above, blew out my candle and turned on the light, and stared at the wall for a long long time!

Fast forward 9 months... & my whole outlook on life has completely changed. My life has changed for the best & I think more positively. I now have better communication with the spirit world, not only do I do 'automatic writing' with spirit, I have also been developing my clairaudience (clear hearing) of spirits for over 4 months now, & is getting stronger every day. I now have the time and ability to be able to help others and would really like to bring forward messages from loved ones in Heaven to be able to validate that we really do live on after we pass over.

Sending lots of love & light.

Lyndsey x


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