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My Paranormal Experience....27.7.19

Everything in this world is made up of energy, we are energy, plants, sun, stars etc... but what about the unseen forces of energy that we hear about but don't actually see or know it's there. We all know the wind is a force as we can see it moves trees, clothes, hair etc., but what about the unseen forces that move just like the wind that we just don't know anything about or knows they exist. 

1 month after my spiritual awakening last year, I had a phenomenal paranormal experience whilst sitting at work. As my spiritual awakening was quite traumatic in the early parts, as I was heavily experiencing the dark nights of the soul, where my level of understandings about life in general and spirit world were a little all over the place to say the least.... I had one of the best forms of communication from the higher side of life that I might ever experience (but I hope not)..... have in my entire life!

As I was sitting by myself at work at my desk, I was getting strong urges to look outside at various birds... having the spirit world make me believe that family members were flying by to say hello! Yes crazy as it sounds, but everything was a little crazy back then!! It was then I looked back towards my computer screen & my staff badge was actually horizontal in front of my face!! No word of a lie, an unseen force was making my badge stand out in front of my face without anything underneath holding it!! You might be thinking that can't happen... it honestly did and it turned in mid-air to make me look out the window again to see some flowers! 

At the time we were selling flowers at my workplace, and this unseen force was trying to get my attention as they wanted me to buy some flowers for me to plant at home as we were selling our house at the time. After a few seconds I quickly shifted my badge back down towards my chest as I didn't want anyone coming in to see...… I would of been mortified!! 

But was I frightened?? No I definitely wasn't frightened or scared, I was actually gobsmacked!! I knew the spirits were around me at the time, but back then I didn't know it was my spirit guides who had actually done this lovely little paranormal movement.... I was more frightened of what I hearing with my awakening then actually seeing this unseen force making my badge float in mid-air!! This is from a girl who does not do horror films at all or the dark, so technically I should of been horrified or should have screamed, but I didn't.  I went on to purchase some flowers & planted them back home, & not long after our house sold, so looking back now it was a little wink & shove to do something nice to the house for it to sell.

Thank you spirit world for allowing me to see this fantastic unseen force of energy, I will forever remember it & look back and smile.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Let me know if you have!

Sending you lots of love.

Lyndsey x


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