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My New Spiritual Podcasts......18.8.19

Yesterday I decided to do some new Spiritual Podcasts on my ‘Spiritual Awakening’. The whole experience was pretty scary for me, both mentally and physically, so I thought by sharing what I went through, it may help someone who is going through the same experience as me, understand that it’s okay what they are both hearing, & physically going through.  I’m proof that what your experiencing is okay, & it’s okay to feel both lonely & isolated going through this awakening. I will help you understand why as the podcasts go on, what exactly your experiencing.  My Spiritual Awakening Podcasts will be broken up into episodes, they will be roughly be 8 minutes long…don’t want to bore you with my voice for too long!!

Why have I decided to do podcasts instead of videos??.… Well to be honest I did try doing a video but I get distracted far too much with my surroundings, that I wasn’t really concentrating! I didn’t know where to look and stuttered a lot. I thought by having some kind of scripted words in front of me, so I didn’t forget some details, you might better understand me (plus I have a little microphone headset to wear, which is cool!!).

If you can relate to any of my spiritual experiences so far, or want to ask me any questions on my awakening, please leave a comment below the video via my You Tube channel as that’s how I managed to put the video on my website…after 5 hours playing about!! Or you can email me on the links I have on my website.

Sending you lots of love.

Lyndsey x


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