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My First Year without my Dad... 24.06.19

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Sadly on Sunday 24th June 2018, my loving Dad sadly passed over to the Spirit World.

I had only been spiritually awakened for 4 months at this time, so this was the first massive loss in my family to have happened especially being the absolute rock of our family my Dad, it was a massive shock. This past year has been both mentally and spiritually tough for me, at the time I had only 4 months of contact with spirit, after my Dad's passing I just mentally went numb with grief & shut off.

My Dad xx

Driving to my mum's on the morning of the 24th June, I knew my Dad was extremely poorly, I also knew the ambulance crew were already at the house.... as I was in the car driving back from Durham, I heard a song play out in my head... 'Hello we are the Billy Boys', an old football Rangers song my dad used to always sing after a night out back in the day. I just had a strange knowing feeling even before I got to my mum's house, that my Dad had already passed over to spirit. I hear songs all the time, this is a massive part of my Clairaudience, this is when I allow spirit to play all different kinds of songs in my mind for all various reasons, but I knew this song had a big significance with my Dad, so sadly I just knew my Dad had lost his brave battle with his illness before my Mum said anything. Not that it made me feel any better hearing this song, I still to this day do not know why spirit put this song in my mind, maybe it was to ease me having that feeling that he passed over, which sadly it didn't.

I've learnt I can not shut spirit off from telling me anything, even if it's the worst possible scenario. Spirit played that song for a reason. My Angels & Spirit Guides are with me all the time, & they always have my best interests at heart, playing this song was maybe something I needed to hear before I even got to the house.

A few days after my Dad's passing, I was afraid to open myself up to spirit as I was grieving, but spirit still played songs in my mind...especially upon waking up from my sleep. A few days after my Dad's passing, I woke up hearing a Queen song, 'I want to break free', this song I can totally relate this song with my Dad, he liked Queen & he used to look like a young Freddie Mercury with his tash at one point in his younger days! But the most prominent song I woke up hearing, was about 3 days after....'Cockles & Muscles'. Now this is not a song you hear all the time, especially waking up too, but I didn't know what significance it would have... until 2 months later!

2 months later we were on a family holiday in Florida, we went to a fireworks display. Before the fireworks were set off, I could hear 'Cockles & Muscles being played softly on a nearby speaker, no words just the song. I looked up at the sky & knew instantly my Dad was going to be joining us at this display. My daughter who was 10 at the time, started crying at the end of the display, when I asked if she was okay, she started talking about my Dad.... I just knew he was with us.

1 week later on my Birthday still in Florida, we went out for food in an Irish bar. It was at the end of the night, when my family popped to the toilet, I was sitting by myself when the full 'Cockles & Muscles' song came on in the pub, words and everything... I looked up with tears rolling down my cheeks saying, thank you Dad, love you...... so that's what the song was all about! A little sign from my Dad to say that he was with us on holiday & especially my Birthday. I had great comfort knowing he was with me & feel very lucky that spirit allow me to know all these little signs without me asking for them.

I have had 1 visitation dream from my Dad, my sister had a fabulous visitation dream from my Dad about 5 months after his passing. A visitation dream is where your passed over loved ones, come to you when you are asleep, they may talk to you, which my Dad did with my sister, & as my sister is not spiritual like myself this was a massive comfort to her. Spirit can show themselves to you from any given time in their life. My Dad came through to me as shown in the picture above, he was young, very handsome and had the biggest smile on his face. I was asked in my dream to go and speak with my Mum & Dad.... it was like a big open air courtyard, very sunny & bright. I started walking towards my Dad, he looked just like he did on his wedding picture... but the main thing I remember is he didn't say anything, he was standing still. As I was walking up to him & he had the biggest smile on his face, he looked glowing & happy. I woke up shortly after that with a massive smile on my face, he had come to visit me from a time in his life when he was so happy. Sadly near the later part of his life he suffered from various illnesses, he wanted to come through from a time in his life where he was young, happy, carefree & had fab long wavy hairdo! I couldn't of asked for anything else, knowing my Dad is safely in the Spirit World means a lot to me. I have had a visitation dream from my Popo (his Dad) before, again he was slightly younger, tanned & looked healthy... so knowing also that my Dad is back with my Popo is very reassuring.

Both my sister & I both see stars as a sign from our Dad. My sister has seen a shooting star whilst out walking, as she was thinking about my Dad, & I last week seen the North star (only star in the sky) whilst communicating with the Spirit World. I also see Butterflies as a sign from my Dad, especially orange ones, as orange was my Dad's favourite colour.

Not one day goes by without me thinking about my Dad, I always look out for little signs & I have had some fabulous signs over the year, knowing that he's at peace in the Spirit World. I've seen various other Mediums, who have brought my Dad forward with a message but most importantly knowing he is walking side by side with us all each & every day, pushing me to be the best person I can be is amazing. The love & support I receive from my Dad & other passed over loved ones is very loving & supportive & I feel so lucky to have this gift, where I can communicate with the Spirit World. Sadly my Dad may no longer be with us on this earth plane, but he's always with us now in Spirit. I will be forever grateful for his everlasting love & commitment to his family.

Until we meet again Dad.... thank you for everything you did for me here on Earth, I love & miss you with all my heart.

Love your daughter Lyndsey xx


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