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My First 'Spiritual & Mindfulness Walk'.... 28.03.19

Sunday 24th March 2019 - Tynemouth Beach, NE England

On Sunday 24th March 2019, I hosted my first 'Spiritual & Mindfulness Walk' on Tynemouth Beach, NE England. I really want to help & support people by helping them get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, just for an hour or so, to try and calm their mind, bring a peace into their lives & make them relax in their natural surroundings.

My dear friend joined me on this walk, we had a lovely time catching up about what is going on in our busy lives, putting things into perspective & sharing memories of our passed loved ones. I know spirit would of been walking with us along the beach, also enjoying the nice scenery and listening in on our memories also! I was able to relay a message from the Spirit World for my friend, which was a lovely. I was happy I was able to share my communication with the Spirit World.

I am now going to be setting up weekly walks around the NE area. I really want to mix the locations and times up of the walks, so it gives people a fair chance to anyone wanting to come along, and have a nice hours walk... especially since the warmer weather is just round the corner. Anyone is welcome to come along and join in on the nice peaceful scenic walk along with a cuppa too.! It could be to let off steam about a busy week you've had or you may just want a bit of support and guidance about some worries you are currently dealing with.

Next walk... Saturday 30th March 2019, N Shields Fish Quay, Ferry Landing Entrance, Ferry Mews @ 1pm.

Sending you lots of love & light.

Lyndsey xx


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