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My Spiritual Journey.... 09.11.18

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

New Beginnings….

Today is the day!! I need to stop thinking I can’t do it & go for it…..!! I have been given spiritual gifts which I would like to use to help people in receiving messages from loved ones in the spirit world, but what should I do next!?

Ever since becoming spiritually awakened back in February 2018 it’s been a magical rollercoaster of a ride with plenty of contact from my Angels and Spirit Guides on a daily basis. I receive amazing synchronicity with the spirit world via songs, feathers, radio conversations and even through communication with my 7 year old little boy! Yes my little sidekick, he obviously doesn’t know but the spirit world puts lovely little words and sentences into his little head, and I love to hear them! They may be questions I have asked and later in the day he may randomly say the answer to what I have been asking my spirit team about.

Follow my daily blog to see what magical and wonderful experiences and messages I receive from the spirit world.

Sending lots of love & light always.

Lyndsey x


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