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Living the City Life....21.2.19

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The thought of moving into someone else’s house for a week… to be honest filled me with dread. I’m not very good being out of my ‘comfort’ zone, being away from home… and especially coming to London, where I know it’s a very busy place! I detest big busy crowds, so the thought of walking around London was playing heavily on my mind even before we got to London! Then having to contend with the thought of living in a strangers house for a week, I was a bit apprehensive to say the least!

The house we are staying in is about a 25 minute trip into the City centre, ideal location to stay with two young kids to entertain for a week. The house itself is sit back from a busy, noisy road but that doesn’t really bother me… it was the anticipation in walking into a strangers house, not knowing anything about these people! A lot of thoughts went through my mind, was the house going to have a positive energy, negative energy, happy… sad, the unknown was starting to really take effect on my own energy & I was quite nervous walking in. I had already said my daily Angel protection prayer the morning before we arrived, so I knew whatever energy I was going to walk into, I was very well protected from the Spirit World.

My own mediumship skills have started to become stronger in recent months, & I pick up on spirit energy when I’m talking to people. I clear my own thoughts, & then I start to hear names & sense spirit…. So walking into a stranger’s house I’ve never been before made me start to panic.. I wonder if any spirits are here… & are they nice ones!?!

Needless to say the house itself is lovely, luckily it’s full of loving energy with lots of family photos dotted throughout the house. There are plenty of family heirlooms for you to have a look at & like myself they have lots of lovely candles! I’ve got to be honest for the first few days, I didn’t really settle, I felt very strange being amongst a lot of personal belongings that mean to world to the family who live here. But for me I felt a little out of sync, I’ve never stayed in accommodation since been spiritually awakened, where I didn’t know the family...especially having all their belongings around us, & sleeping in their beds! I knew I needed to calm myself down & put my own energy field in the house! So on Day 1, I had bought my Angel Cards with me & did a few readings for some friends. This helped me immensely; I played my lovely nature sounds & helped my friends with some Angel Therapy card readings.

As I compare my new spiritual life to the lives of the family whose house it is… when looking around, they like candles… yep, that’s me… they have two beautiful green glass Buddha heads as a collection… yep I would love those…. Family photos… yep I love a good photo too…. But then looking at other collections they have, & the amount of beautiful belongings they have, the lifestyle they lead etc.…right now, I couldn’t be further spiritually away from them. My spiritual awakening has opened my eyes to the way I live & think myself.. money is not important to me, yes it’s obvious we need money to pay bills, mortgage etc., but when looking at the more materialistic aspects you can buy with money, it doesn’t interest me. I don’t do designer clothes, I absolutely love a good charity shop & to get out with nature is all I would like to do these days… especially if it includes a loving spirit orb!

It’s nearly the end of our holiday down here in the Big Smoke… the holiday has shown me lots of life lessons, i.e not to be be afraid of other peoples energies, how to breath in busy places & I think I’ve coped quite well…. but at the end of the day, I can’t wait to come home to be able to speak with my Angels & Spirit Guides to see what plans they have for me next!!

Lots of love & light.

Lyndsey x


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