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Just a Lovely Perfect Day.....20.04.19

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

What makes a perfect day to me? I mean all my days waking up alive with my family & friends I'm truly grateful for... but today was just lovely & just what I needed & this is why it was perfect...

I'm currently away in the Lake District with my family on our Easter hols & having an amazing time. We've done loads of nice things around this area, we went Kayaking the other day for a few hours, something which I've never done before but sadly it has kick started sciatica in both my legs. So today I missed the family bike ride, upon googling 'sciatica' this morning, a gentle walk was recommended... & I couldn't wait to have a bit peace & quiet for a few hours whilst doing it !!

We travelled over by ferry in our car to Hawkshead, where we then travelled 20 minutes up the road to Grizedale Forest... then I was set free for a few hours, to have nice slow, steady, peaceful mindfulness walk in this beautiful forest!

What made this walk so special? The main reason was I felt free, completely & utterly one with nature & my Spirit Guides. The weather was amazing, I don't like being cold so seeing the lovely warm sunshine was a massive plus. I also enjoy my own company as I know I'm never actually alone. I could hear my own thoughts again, I wasn't being distracted by noise.. only the sounds of the birds & the water in the stream. I was happy, not saying I'm never happy, but today I just had fun. I sat down next to trees sipping on my peppermint tea, listening to all the people passing by with their dogs & children. I could smell the beautiful pine trees. I said hello & smiled to everyone who I passed.. I was free from all negativity & it felt fab!

Relaxing under this tree... watching the world go by x

I'm not one for being around negative people these days, & I knew being high up in this forest I wouldn't come across any of this so this is another reason why it was lovely.

But what do I think about when walking? Honestly... anything & everything! I love guessing all the different wildlife I see & hear especially naming the birds when I hear them singing. I think about the Spirit World a lot & who would enjoy walking with me, taking in all the magnificent views I see. I laugh at myself when I think of stupid things but try & work out why I've actually thought of it! But mostly I just try & clear all my thoughts & thinking, & be one walking amongst nature, whilst putting a bit of peace & tranquility back into my life..even if it was for a few hours!

After the bike ride & my lovely walk, we headed a mile up the road to find a lovely lake for the kids. The route we took took us off road into marshland & we seen some wild deer. When we got to the little Lake, there was no one around, the kids loved jumping in & out. About half an hour after we got there we sat in silence as a mummy duck took to the water with her 12 little ducklings, they were magnificent to watch, they were so tiny, we felt so lucky to have seen her & her little babies.

We went a little off road..but got there in the end, well worth it! x

The day ended with this beautiful view back at our lodge.

Hope your all having a fantastic Easter weekend yourselves with your family & friends.

Sending you lots of love & light.

Lyndsey xx


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