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Happy 1st Spiritual Awakening Anniversary to us..... 8.2.19

Happy 1st Spiritual Awakening to myself.... & the spiritual dimension xx

What a spiritual rollercoaster of a year I've had! After been Spiritual Awakened by 'Spirit Writing' in my kitchen last Feb it's been a non stop emotional waltzer ride of going to hell & back with my thoughts. My awakening wasn't the best to say the least.... I had a lot of mental break downs, and had those horrible voices in my head... saying not very nice things! You see I thought I was clever, I let my ego run wild thinking I was writing from all sorts of family members in the Spirit World! All these lovely messages in different handwriting.... little did I know it was my Angels & Spirit Guides teaching me a lesson about opening myself up to all sorts of different energies without protecting myself!

After an emotional breakdown at my local spiritual church one Sunday last March, I was happy to receive information from a Medium to say that I should protect myself from all negative energy I was picking up. Needless to say I then started learning more about protection with my Angels & about gemstones/crystals, which have massively helped not only myself but my families energy too.

Here's a little list of what has changed in my life for the best, since becoming spiritually awakened a year ago & what I've learnt.......

  • There's 100% an afterlife when we pass over... thank God!

  • My Guardian Angel is called Sarah & Seega is my Gatekeeper 😇

  • God is not a man with a beard! My God is the creator of the Universe.

  • How amazing spirit orbs are!

  • I am never alone.... I can telepathically communicate with the spirit world via my hands, eyes, head movements and by listening that very closely as to what they are trying to communicate with me.

  • Hearing songs either in my head, on the radio, feathers, and coins all play a massive part of my spiritual communication.

  • Energy forces around us are soooooooo strong & powerful .... just think we know the wind when we see it, but what about the other forces of energy we can't see... like the energy force that lifted my staff badge horizontally in front of my face to get my attention!

  • The Spirit World is full of wonderful spiritual beings especially our wonderful Angels & Spirit Guides... and not forgetting our wonderful family and friends who have passed over.... but equally there's a lot of negative low life energy here on earth too!

  • Everyone is equal in life.. you could be a multi-millionaire having an amazing time on your yacht somewhere, good for you, it's all about what we are learning in our soul missions in our current earthly lives, what we are gaining out of life, happiness etc.... anyway you can't take your money to Heaven so enjoy it whilst you can!

  • Your mind is super powerful, don't under-estimate how much we think & how our thoughts can effect our mental health.

  • The bond between family and friends can never be broken... even when we pass over.

  • Our body is a vessel having a physical experience in our spiritual life here on Earth.

  • Meditation is so important to filter away any unwanted negative chit chat, which is happening in our mind.

  • Candles, essence sticks and fresh flowers are a must!!

  • Protecting yourself with daily prayers & saying a massive big thank you at the end of the day to.......... my God, the entire Universe, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, family and friends... Yes I give a lot of thanks!! I also send healing prayers to my family and friends, and I sprinkle lots of love and happiness to everyone else in the world...not forgetting the animals too!

So many more things I could mention..but I'll leave it for other blogs!

I want to say a massive thank you to my Spirit Team for opening my eyes to look deeper into the meaning of life and why we are here. I can honestly say am a better person both mentally and physically. Thank you for our daily communication, I love being able to Spirit Write & I appreciate all the kind words you say to me. Without the encouragement & helping with my Spiritual Counselling Diploma, I wouldn't of been able to achieve the Distinction that I received.

Here's to many many more years helping, being kind & encouraging people to openingly talk about their problems & finding situations in their lives which will benefit them....obviously with the odd Mediumship Reading & Angel Card Reading thrown in the mix...I couldn't be more happier!

Sending lots of love & light to the higher dimension. 💕

Lyndsey x


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