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Going Vegan... 03.01.21

Updated: May 13, 2023

I started my very own 'Vegan' journey on the 1st January 2021.... leading up to this day I didn't really think too much about it infact I didn't do much research or anything. It was like something inside me saying right.. it's now time. I know you may think that's a bit strange, but I honestly didn't think much about this massive lifestyle change! I just knew come the 1st January 2021 that was it no more animal/processed based food. for me. Now it's got me wondering why I've made this massive decision... that I know I won't look back on!

When I was 9 years old I turned round to my Mum and told her that I didn't want to eat meat anymore... she brushed it off at the time thinking I wouldn't stick to it... but I did. All these years here's me thinking I was a 'Vegetarian' but in fact I was a 'Pescatarian', meaning that I did have fish in my diet. So looking back to when I was 9 & fast forward 29 years... I've now made another matter of fact decision in my life... I'm now a Vegan!!

But for what reasons did I strongly make this choice...only in the middle of December??

I absolutely LOVE all animals and this was the main reason when I was 9 to stop eating meat, I was in every animal club going & now since being spiritually awakened I now understand that all animals have souls (yes including fish!!), I've slowly been going off the thought of eating fish recently. I'm also very passionate about our environment & healthy eating. I'm a great believer in we are what we eat.. I'm hoping that by going 'Vegan' it will help me understand a lot more about myself & give me my own since of purpose.

What I would never do & have never done with my own spiritual beliefs is push 'veganism' into peoples lives. This is my own decision my own choice, my family haven't gone vegan or would I want them too unless they really really wanted too. I will still cook what they would like, I just won't eat it myself. I have my own reasons why I have chosen this journey, & everyone is unique. When my children are old enough they can make their own decisions, I will support them either way but for now this is part of my own 'soul searching' journey, which I'm very excited about. 3 days in & I think I'm doing pretty well, I've had a few headaches due to the lack of sugar intake since Christmas but that will pass. I now need to take care of myself - spiritually, mentally & physically & making this lifestyle choice, is one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

Now to do some research into what I can cook myself!!

Love Lyndsey x


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