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Fear of the Unknown...18.2.20

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I am not good at all sleeping in different places, different beds , surrounded by different objects. Last night was mentally tough, I only probably managed about 4 hours sleep with the big lights on as I was frightened...yes a 37 year old still frightened of the dark when its not my own's very mentally testing indeed! Growing up I always needed the landing light on to get to sleep in my parents house, & when the light did go off & if I was still awake, I would quickly hide under my duvet, becoming boiling hot not wanting to come out for air..... but why?!? I was frightened in case I seen a ghost in my bedroom, standing at the bottom of the bed, looking back now at this, I probably used to sense spirit around me but I totally shut myself off & hid!

Fast forward & every now & again I have a little flip out if I'm not sleeping in my own familiar surroundings..just like last night. All I could do early this morning was play soothing relaxing sleep music on YouTube, which eventually did help me get to sleep (with the big lights on too!) & I awoke still listening to it this morning!

Even though I say my protection prayers every night, my imagination just runs away with me...that's when I allowed FEAR to take over my emotions. The fear of the unknown, this negative emotion robbed me off my much needed beauty sleep last night!! To conquer this emotion is very hard sometimes especially when it's already got a strong hold of you. Fearing negative energy is all around, as crazy as it may sound, that little self doubt taking complete control of my mind. I know it may all sound nonsense, but your mind is extremely powerful, fill it with LOVE, KINDNESS & the power that fear will never's something I'm still working on.

Love Lyndsey Xx 💕


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