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Doing our bit for the environment..with a little help from Spirit

There's nothing better than grounding yourself with mother nature than going for a nice walk along the beach & doing some rock pool climbing!

With a little help from my children, we decided to go litter picking along the beach & in the rock pools to see what we could collect. I couldn't believe the amount of rubbish especially sharp metal objects.. even a big knife was found!

We collected litter for an hour & a half, picking up bits of old cans, fishing hooks & lots of wire.. I knew spirit was admiring the work we were doing, finding a lovely white angel feather & family black/grey feather along the way, I smiled at each one, knowing they were encouraging us to keep up the good work!

The litter we collected was all safely disposed of & the kids were rewarded with a play in the park next to the beach for their kind gesture & commitment in helping the environment. I feel very strongly about the way litter is just dumped these days without a care in the world, & by helping out doing such things will hopefully make all the difference.

Thank you spirit for your little winks..

Sending lots of love & light.

Lyndsey x


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