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Developing my Clairaudience with my Spirit Guides.......10.11.19

My Spirit Guides are Poets... and I didn't know it!

I really enjoy listening to spirit everyday. I love to hear what spirit have to say, and from this video my Spiritual team wanted to say a little poem!

At first I was hearing the song'Mary Mary quite Contrary', after this video I did another video, and a lovely message came through for my Aunty Mary... I love how spirit work!

As I'm only still developing my 'Clairaudience', I pick up on a lot of words, songs & names, and sometimes I don't know who the message is for.! It could be a message for me, or sometimes it could be for someone else. This is why I love to listen in to see what spirit are saying, I really tune in & raise my vibration so I can really focus and listen to their words.

Thank you lovely Spirit World for all your kind words.... & for making me laugh on a daily basis!

Love Lyndsey x


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