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An Honest Blog.......26.04.20

Why so many faces of me?!? So many different lockdown faces...most of them taken for my social media sites i.e. Instagram or Facebook..some sent to family & friends to say a friendly hello but behind each picture my face each picture tells a story. Mostly I post smiling pictures of myself, probably to most people looking happy & carefree... don't get me wrong the majority of the time I am happy in my own little bubble in life, but the reality is, I certainly don't smile all the time...but who does anyway!!

In this little blog I wanted to talk about the real honest me.... like most people I struggle with my mental health, some days are better than others but some days I can be sad & down for no reason at all. I'm worrying more than necessary about my appearance than anything right now, I know I've put on weight & I know that eating healthy food & drinking water..blah blah will help me... but I can't seem to shift the pattern of having a glass of wine at night, & raiding the kids Easter eggs daily!! I know what I have to do but until then, I just need to suck it up... as my mental health is more important than my weight will ever be!

Sometimes my mental state of mind might stay in a period of negativity for longer than it should. I listen to negative & fear based thoughts, constantly telling myself I won't be good at anything in life... I won't be a good Spiritual Medium, Healer.. but luckily I have more positive days than these negative ones, but I do still have them & to me that's normal, it's how you shift that state of mind which is vital. Everyday you are challenged to new life experiences, being in lockdown is SUPER challenging when your in the house more than at work or outside. I'm an 'empath', which means I can absorb other peoples energies very easily, if I'm not careful enough to protect my own energy. I absorb other peoples sadness, anger & fear.. I take on their energies as my own. Making sure my own families mental health has been a top priority over the past so many weeks as well as my own, as I know there energies will ultimately affect my own. We've all had our moments of worries, anxiety but we've all come together to help each other out in someway to overcome whatever negative emotion that has come up. Even the kids have managed to get on in some way or other... don't get me wrong they've had their moments where I've had to raise my voice but I've also taught myself to bite my tongue where I think it's necessary, so they can sort their own problems out without me getting involved.

What I do LOVE doing on a daily basis is empowering people to be the best they can. I do this mainly through talking to people that day, sharing of positive posts, stories, pictures & my blogs. If I can make one person smile that day, then job done!! I love the thought of helping someone even though I may never have met them. I don't know everyone who follows me on my social media, so if you've never commented on anything before & would like to introduce yourself, come & say hello... I love meeting new people, we can all inspire each other in some way!

I wanted this blog to be honest, I love writing my blogs & being honest & raw is so important. I will never portray myself to be anything different than who I really am. Deep down I would like to think myself as a down to earth & kind hearted lady who only wants the best for everyone including all animals in the world. We are all living in this physical world right now for a reason, let that reason shine, don't hide your gifts & passions from the world.. come out of your shell & talk about it! Lets all inspire one another to be the best version of ourselves, instead of worrying about what you can't control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Every day may not be a good day, but there is something good in every day!

Lots of love.

Lyndsey xx


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