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A Little Loving Blog by the Sea.....25.08.19

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

My Little Spot by the Beach...

I've been looking forward to doing a little blog from this gorgeous spot in our holiday 'Beach House' ever since we came to stay here last May 2018.  We are currently in North Berwick, Scotland, & the place is literally 3 steps away from being on North Berwick Harbour Beach.

Since our last visit, I've sadly had to deal with 2 passings in my life.  I will always remember this place as the last time I seen my Dad back in May 2018,  We called into see my Mum and Dad before coming up to Scotland, at that time we were still living down in Wetherby, Yorkshire.   I had on these pink baggy trousers & I can still remember my Dad saying 'What you still got your pj's on for?  That was my Dad, even though he was poorly & trying to fight a battle with his health, he still had a cheeky attitude with me.  Sadly one month later he passed over to the Spirit World, I'm not sure if he ever visited this beach in North Berwick, but I do know he's been with me on this holiday, & would of loved this beach also.

The second passing was sadly my Friend Ashleigh, she sadly passed over to the Spirit World in June this year. I met Ashleigh at school over 24 years ago, we were friends but never really close friends back then. Over the past year between March 2018 to June 2019, I became very close with Ashleigh, & she helped me a lot on my spiritual journey, as she would let me practice my readings with her, which I loved doing. She was a massive skeptic about anything spiritual, so I thought by opening up what I was experiencing & going through, she would find some kind of comfort in that. We visited a 'Mind, Body & Spirit' Fair in Wallsend one afternoon, & she seemed to really enjoy it. We also talked a lot on my 'Spiritual Mindfulness Walks', we had a great time talking away....not letting the Seagulls eat our chips!!

Both of these passings have had a massive impact on me, both in so many different ways. You can read more about my Dad in this blog...

They both had influences on my 'Spiritual Journey', especially Ashleigh, she listened & helped me go through my awakening (my Dad never believed in anything like this!).  She always listened without ever judging me or saying anything negative. She made me believe in myself, she listened to me & for that I will always be eternally grateful to her for this.

Beautiful Sky - North Berwick Beach

My Spiritual Journey now continues with a heavy heart in so many ways, but I now always look to the stars in the sky, knowing one day I will see them both again.

Thank you Dad & Ashleigh...until we meet again. xx


Lyndsey xx


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