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A Little Confirmation from my Spirit Guides.... 26.2.19

The Spirit World shows signs to myself on a daily basis, & as you know from previous blogs, they come in different ways...numbers, feathers, songs etc but tonight I needed their help more than ever!!

My Spiritual Journey has taken me on a massive rollercoaster of a ride so far, & I am wanting to help people with my Spiritual Counselling & to show people how I allow Spirit to use my hands as a vessel between the Spirit World and Earth to convey messages.

I was advised to update my website from my Spirit Guides... with the title 'My Spiritual Services'. We have put together some different 'Spiritual Packages', we will offer to people. All packages vary, & will help the person who may want to come & see us.

But tonight........ I didn't know if I should go ahead & publish this page, I was out & about in my car this evening, & I said to the Spirit World, please can you show me a sign whilst I'm driving that will confirm what I'm doing is the right thing. After picking up my daughter from a club, I was turning at a crossroad & a car passed me with the reg 'JOB' on..... the Spirit World made me smile, & I knew then & there that I'm doing the right thing! Hence the page has now been published...

I would now like to help as many people with all sorts of life problems they maybe facing. Spending 1 hour with myself, I can almost guarantee you will come away feeling somewhat more relaxed, uplifted & hopefully with a smile on your face! Whatever 'Spiritual Package' you decide to choose, I hope to think you will be very happy with the spiritual service I will offer.

I would like to thank my Spirit Guides for showing me that I can achieve whatever I put my mind into doing, thank you for believing in me. Xx

Sending love & light.

Lyndsey x


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