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100 Years, Remembrance Day 2018.. 11.11.18

'Lest we forget'... and we never will. We will always remember the many lives of the men and women who sadly lost there lives here on earth fighting in the 1st & 2nd World Wars. I had family who served in both wars, and I take my hat off to them all.. what brave men & women they were, they left their families, and they didn't know if were ever going to return home. Looking back, how sad it must of been for everyone involved in both wars, and for the families just having to wait around pondering and thinking, just waiting to hear if there loved ones have sadly died.

Here's my hero, my Popo (my Scottish Grandad). He was born in the year the 1st World War started 1918.... luckily he was one of the lucky hero's to come back after having served in the 2nd World War... I was lucky and privileged to have been part of his life for 26 years, my Popo sadly passed over to Heaven in 2008, he died the day my daughter was born... he will always be my 'Special Angel', love and miss you so much Pops xx

I will remember all the hero's, and everything they have done for our country, we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all of them.... I salute you all, thank you xx

Lyndsey x


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