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What is Spiritual Counselling? & How can I help you?

Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling/therapy which focuses on your own unique spiritual-self,  You may seek spiritual guidance to help with a variety of problems which you are currently experiencing in your life, this could be anxiety, depression, feeling helpless, sadness or your mental well-being may not be in a good place right now.


You may be going through a bereavement & may need help on how you can deal with your grief to heal.  Some people may just want that spiritual spark put into their lives, & with my positivity & empowerment messages I can channel from my Spiritual Team, we love nothing better than to help you put that little bit confidence back into your life and to help you heal from all emotions your experiencing.  You may also want to discuss your own spiritual beliefs, I am a non-judgemental person, and will always listen with the best intent for you.  Everyone is different, and has their own beliefs & lifestyle choices, I would always offer my own advice & information from what I have learnt from my training & my own spiritual journey over the past 2 and a half years.


Spiritual Counselling is very special to me, I have studied & received a Diploma in this field, I have since studied and trained on other courses such as ‘Intuitive Healing’, ‘Spiritual Life Coach’, Grief & Bereavement’ & ‘End of Life’.  I’m always looking for ways to help people understand that past emotions which haven’t been dealt with, will always keep resurfacing until we have dealt & healed from the issue.  Talking is always important, and I’m a firm believer on how important it is to keep our mental health as negative free as we possibly can.  Your mental health & the way we think about ourselves is so important, always try to fill your mind with love & kindness whenever you can.

If you are interested in receiving some Spiritual Counselling sessions, or would just like to talk about anything spiritual, please do get in touch.

Lyndsey x 

Reaching Out
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